To whoever is listening,

Today I watched a film titled The Grand Budapest Hotel. It was released in 2014, in a time that I was a child. I hadn't seen it then, nor could I, as I have now.

It was an absolutely beautiful film with wonderful actors, a magnificent pair of writers, and a ludicrously skillful director by the name of Wes Anderson. It was visually, auditorily, and literarily stunning.

My most beloved piece of the film, although not without difficult deliberation, is the chapter “The Society of Crossed Keys.” A chapter in which the film's protagonists run from fascist authorities with the aid of a secret society. Reaching their monastery atop a mountain, the duo learn a great secret but are cut short in their meeting by the agent of a rival party. They must daringly chase the intruder down the mountainside before a narrow escape from the fascists.

The chapter includes fantastic scenes of bonding, intrigue, drama, action, and artistry. While the film in entirety is wonderful, this chapter stands among the rest as the best in my mind.